Damselflies and Dragonflies

List of damselflies and dragonflies found within the park - 2010 through 2018, total 43 species, view Photo Gallery

Damselflies - 15  
Southern Spreadwing  
American Rubyspot
Smoky Rubyspot
Blue-fronted Dancer Blue-ringed Dancer
Dusky Dancer Powdered Dancer
Kiowa Dancer Aztec Dancer
Familiar Bluet Stream Bluet
Double-striped Bluet  
Rambur's Forktail Fragile Forktail
Desert Firetail  
Dragonflies - 28  
Prince Baskettail Pale-faced Clubskimmer
Common Green Darner Regal Darner
Swift River Cruiser Dragonhunter
Narrow-striped Forceptail Sulphur-tipped Clubtail
Flag-tailed Spinyleg Eastern Ringtail
Black Setwing Checkered Setwing
Swift Setwing Eastern Amberwing
Spot-winged Glider Four-spotted Pennant
Band-winged Dragonlet Red-tailed Pennant
Eastern Pondhawk Great Pondhawk
Roseate Skimmer Gray-waisted Skimmer
Widow Skimmer Common Whitetail
Variegated Meadowhawk Blue Dasher
Black Saddlebags Red Saddlebags